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Geek & Kid Nights @ Fall Film Festival

You’re invited to a month of free screening events at the Sunland-Tujunga Branch Library! Azure Lorica is hosting the Fall Film Festival with special nights to add to the flare of these magnificent independent films from all over the world. And we, FanFilm Awards, have the pleasure of presenting the Geek Nights and Kid Night – where you may enjoy fanfilms from amazing fandoms, like Star Wars, Deadpool, and many more.


Fall Film Festival | Sunland-Tujunga Branch Library
7771 Foothill Boulevard | Tujunga, CA 91042

Mondays | Oct. 1, 15, 22, 29 | 5:00-7:30PM

Wednesday | Oct. 10 | 3:30-5:00PM


Schedule coming soon – subscribe today!


You’re invited to “You’re On Tumblr, Charlie Brown” by Bryan Balazar (Live Reading)

We welcome you to our annual script reading at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium, in the Pasadena Central Library. This year, we’re reading the winning script from the FanFilm Awards 2018:

You’re On Tumblr, Charlie Brown
by, Bryan Balazar

The Peanuts Gang get a revamp as Milennials, in today’s social media culture.  Join Linus, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Snoopy, and Charlie Brown for a hilarious episode of fun, clumsy, adult humor for the whole family!


Oct. 6, 2018 | 9:30AM – 12:00PM
Pasadena Central Library:
Donald R. Wright Auditorium
285 E. Walnut St. | Pasadena, CA 91101

Can you name all the Peanuts characters?

As a winner of FanFilm Awards, Bryan Balazar is entitled to one live reading of his whole script before a live audience. This event begins the online voting season of FanFilm Awards 2019. Subscribe now for updates on our Ensemble for You’re On Tumblr, Charlie Brown, and many more.

Azure Lorica’s Online FanFilm Festival


For a season’s length, Azure Lorica has been working on how to improve FanFilm Awards. Each year we grow in number, and each year we expand our venue space. From what we’ve noticed though, is that our people do not care for space. Press members need content, Audience members need participation, and Entrants (Filmmakers and Scriptwriters) need recognition for their art. The space that’s required is actual connection.

“People want to see your fanfilm.”


In this year’s marketing support, Azure Lorica dug deeper into the artistic development of each filmmaker’s style. Due to it, the interviews proved to have more meat in the creative process, and the filmmaker’s work became more inspiring. We were able to reveal a soul behind the heart of the filmmaker, peeling an extra layer in each fanfilm like we’ve never seen before. And we like it. We like it a lot. So much so, that we do not wish to let this go. It’s an amazing treasure found between scenes and lines, and angles and cuts — who would want anything else than to be with Muse herself.


And so, for 2018, FanFilm Awards is changing it’s usual scheduled program: we will be opening doors early for the Press, the Audience will return to support their filmmakers on the judging panel, and these amazing FanFilms shall have a whole new online film festival, right here in fanfilmawards.com — subscribe now to join the fun!

“You can have a chance to play as a Judge with us, internationally.”


As a subscriber, you’ll be able to catch our latest FanFilms, when they become Selected Nominees. We’ll be publishing newsletters, and articles, and posts, and as subscribers, you can have a chance to play as a Judge with us, internationally. Yes, we see you Spain and France, we’ve noticed you Brazil and Australia – it’s impossible to ignore the amazing films you’ve contributed into the geek fandoms. You’re brilliant works have not gone unnoticed. Only your seat stays empty when we name your film at the award ceremony. We’ve missed you too often at the screenings. Hence, why we want your participation so badly. Since the internet has connected us to you so well, we see no reason why your audience should be left out of the equation. And yes, you have more than even we expected.


People want to see your fanfilm. They wander the internet, hunting like wolves, just for a taste of their own fandom, on screen. We’ve heard it time and time again, “Why haven’t I seen this before?” they say, “I thought I’ve seen them all!” Yet, your titles are a mystery to them, and the chance to be their next favorite fanfilm goes amiss.


So, please let your friends and patrons know: we will be posting Selected Nominees online, here in fanfilmawards.com. Please subscribe today, and share this experience with your international audience. FanFilm Awards is now your International Film Festival. Allow us to build your fandom, as the filmmakers that love the comics, the videogames, and cartoons we all grew up watching, playing, and share among our fellow Geeks.

Azure Lorica’s FanFilm Awards is growing, and we cannot thank you enough for being part of something so beautiful as the community we all have come to be. Continue writing, acting, and producing – we cannot get enough.

Subscribe to fanfilmawards.com today.

…and yes, we’re still open for submissions πŸ™‚