Nominations for 2017

Winners in Bold

134223_500481283320143_2010457806_oBest Film

  • Uncharted: Ambushed
  • Lila Cheney – I Will Steal Your Heart
  • Tower of Joy
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Compass of the Seven Seas

2-poster_rapunzel-nabunzel-cortoBest Animation

  • Force-Full Imagination Part 2 [USA]
  • Not Ghostbusters [USA]
  • The Rogue One: A Star Wars Toy Story [USA]
  • Rapunzel Nabunzel [Spain]

freddys_nightmare2016_posterBest Cinematography

  • Tower of Joy [USA]
  • World’s Finest [Canada]
  • ONE PM [USA]
  • Lila Cheney – I Will Steal Your Heart [USA]

worlds_finest_poster_webBest Choreography

  • The First Laugh [USA]
  • ONE PM [USA]
  • Uncharted [Norway]
  • Word’s Finest [Canada]

turpinfilmpromoposterBest Director

  • Hughes Puyau for Awakening
  • Steven Lawson for Freddy’s Nightmare
  • Robert Dodrill for Turpin: Terrible Toys
  • Michael McMullen for Portal: Origins (Part 2)

committed_laurels_11_9_16Best Actress

  • Erika Hoveland in Injustice For All
  • Brandi Price in Committed
  • Michele Eimmerman in Force-Full Imagination Part 2
  • Heather Danner in Turpin: Terrible Toys

1-poster_pirati-dei-caraibi-la-bussola-dei-sette-mariBest Actor

  • Michael Bienvenu in Turpin: Terrible Toys
  • Alessio Fracchia in Pirates of the Caribbean: The Compass of the Seven Seas
  • Michael Stuart in Portal: Origins (Part 2)
  • Aaron Gaffey in Committed

locandinaBest Fan Representation

  • The Wanderer [USA]
  • Not Ghostbusters [USA]
  • Star Wars: The Secret of Tatooine [France]
  • Left 4 Dead The Movie [Italy]

posterfinalv2textlendemainlastBest Screenplay (film)

  • Committed by Brandi Price, Colin Costello, and Terry Ziegelman
  • Batman: Patient Zero by Andrew Akler
  • Man of Tomorrow by Kevin Torgence and Baptiste Bourdon
  • Star Wars: Revengant by Ferdinand Korner

poster_angBest Script (non-film)

  • Top Gun 2: Rescue Mission by Gary Whorley
  • The Mask of Leia by Ian Wilson
  • Star Wars Episode II: Twins of Alderan by Brian O’Flaherty
  • Green Lantern by Crafy St. James
  • Caught In The Web by Shirley Napoleone
  • Aeon Flux: Object of Perception by Dylan Stump
  • Bill and Ted’s Last Call by R. Lucas Xander