Guests & Judges 2017


To be announced.

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Stefanie Warner
Theatre Director, Scriptwriter, Freelance Graphic Designer, Campaign Manager, and founder of Drift Plume – the official Ensemble Committee of the Azure Lorica Foundation. Stefanie grew up in the world of classic manga and comics, such as DC, Marvel, and Viz, and is a great aficionado of English literature and Modern Art. A graduate of the Art Institute, she is a brand developer for several companies in industries of film, books, and education.

Danny Gonzales
Festival and Convention Producer, Stand Up Comedian, and founder of Ninja-Con – the official Production Committee of the Azure Lorica Foundation. Danny is strongly connected within the comic convention scene. Growing up with anime and videogames, his intrigue for the current subcultures and industry celebrities allow him to connect agencies and talents easily through any live productions he produces or hosts.

Eugene Cordell
Theatre Producer, Web Developer, Publisher, and founder of Triskele Press – the official Publishing Committee of the Azure Lorica Foundation. Eugene is an avid believer in making dreams come true. From the ground-up, his hobbies are building businesses and nonprofits from simple ideas to legal monoliths.

Diana Keeler
Producer and Educator, Diana is the Manager of Digital Production
B.A., Art History & the Visual Arts and Music at Occidental College. With a passion for media arts, she has given back to the community and its future generation not only through education and as a versatile artist-producer in film and festivals alike.