Welcome to our latest production! FanFix is a project where fanfiction script writers reach the stage, to have their work read aloud before a live audience. Premiering at the first anniversary of FanFilm Awards, at The Brewery Art Colony, FanFix invites fanfiction screenplay writers to enter an annual contest (read more).


Become a theatrical ensemble member today! Joining our charity organization allows artists to help artists, building up independent productions, as a community project. Ensemble members volunteer their time, tax-deductible, under Azure Lorica Foundation’s 501c3 status.

To audition, visit us at Breakdown Express.


Auditioning Actors must bring a copy of their headshot and resume, at their attendance. Please setup an appointment for your audition.

Contact us for info:

Audition will be held at the Donald R. Wright Auditorium, at the Pasadena Central Library [ MAP ], between 10:30am – 4:00pm.

Choose from the following scripts below to read, after performing your own audition piece. A staff member will be reading with you at the event.



is an annual screenplay contest, whereby one writer can win a chance to have their work read before a live audience, touring at open stages. Producers and Agents are invited to the events, allowing the script exposure to members of the independent industry. Nominees have a fraction of their works read at FanFilm Awards. Awarding winners alongside nominated filmmakers with full support from the Azure Lorica Foundation, as their marketing team for one whole year.

To submit your fanscript to the next FanFix, visit:

Fanfiction has been a formidable art form for writers to publish their work online, and gain readership, since 2002. Fanscripts have taken it to the next step, and is now widely popularized through independent film making, testing the boundaries of copyright laws and creative freedom. Some of these scripts have reached mainstream studios to pitch shows, such as, Supergirl and Daredevil.