Welcome Zackery Humphreys – Newest Director of FanFilm Awards 2018!

zackIt is our pleasure to introduce Fan Film Awards’ (FFA) new Festival Director, Zackery Humphreys!

Originally, as Co-producer for FFA 2017, Zackery made brilliant connections with our new sponsors, and brought us the amazing host, Dillon Francis. With his background in film, this passionate Screenwriter has produced indie films with his group of Directors and Actors – building a community of strong willed artists, bringing dreams to life.

With his direction, the FanFilm Awards will be reaching out to more dreamers, internationally. Filmmakers, like him, submitting their fanfilms and fanfiction-scripts, crossing fantasies and fandoms, can take the chance at winning the award for Best Film of 2018!

We, in the Azure Lorica Foundation, look forward to seeing what Zackery has in store for the community we serve. As we tour from library to library, showcasing 2017’s best winning fan films, we welcome you to help us build FanFilm Awards 2018!

Support us now:
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