Support Indie FanFilms

Our vision is to encourage film makers to stay creative, not bound by copyright governance, and pursue communication through video productions. We celebrate Fan Films as a respectable craft, and curate all levels of professional and nonprofessional works according to their value in balancing art and entertainment.

But in order to reach our goal, we need your help.

Support FanFilms: Buy Now

As a charity for the Arts, the Azure Lorica Foundation built the FanFilm Awards to give back to the community whose art form demands them to collaborate in a daunting level of production. From script writing to distributing the final cut, filmmakers make sacrifices, and many times, it is a challenge to reach even the standards of the independent industry.


We encourage you to volunteer, donate, and show pride in contributing to filmmakers around the globe, for their work and their tenacity, to provide us all with beautifully made entertainment pieces.

Donate today, and support indie fan films!

Donations to the Azure Lorica Foundation is tax-deductible, under organization’s 501(c)3 nonprofit status as a charity. For more information, visit:


2 thoughts on “Support Indie FanFilms

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    Support our cause and give artists a chance to gain their audience! From festivals to press, our charity provides a service that can make all the difference in a struggling independent artist’s career!

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