Coming Soon: Nomination Announcements

FanFilm Awards would like to thank everyone for voting, and wish for everyone to continue the campaign!

IMG_0710With the recent votes made online, we invite the filmmakers to campaign for support from their fans. We are finding that the filmmakers are more effective than ourselves in gaining the votes, and it is an impressive feat indeed! We will be posting results soon. But to be clear, the fans have only 50% of the votes. Hence, this leaves the other 50% to the Judges. To explain, each phase is to narrow down our nominations, and the Judges will have the say in who will be the Best film/script in the following categories:

  • Best Screenplay – category for best-written fanfilm, completely produced;
  • Best Actor – category for best male actor;
  • Best Actress – category for best female actress;
  • Best Director – category for best-directed fanfilm;
  • Best Choreography – category for best choreography in dance, fight, and/or other;
  • Best Cinematography – category for best cinematography;
  • Best Animation – category for best animation, including special effects and semi-animated fanfilms;
  • Best Fan Representation – category for the filmmaker whose authenticity as a fan of the story is awarded;
  • Best Script – category for best fanfiction, unproduced.

We will proceed in showcasing all the films at the FanFilm Awards event, welcoming Q&A’s after each screening and script reading. Although, announcing those still running for final nominees will be posted in, and with us: the FanFilmBoyz Podcast [visit:].

Fans will be able to screen the films for free, and aid us in voting for the Finalists before Feb. 10, 2016. Register for FanFilm Awards 2017.

We will be choosing 50% of the selected as Nominees
by December 30, 2016 – 12am PST.

50% by popular fan vote, 50% by Judges | See 2017 Selections.

Selection phase is decided on mere qualification of “fanfilms” and “fanfiction”.

Selection  ✔ 100%
Semi-finals  ✔  ✔ 50%
Finals  ✔  ✔ 4 per category

All scripts are judged by the Judges alone. Due to the lack of script submissions of fanfics meeting the deadline, the Judges have chosen all seven submissions as Nominees. See 2017 Selections.

We will be narrowing the 4 films in each category, as finalists,
by February 10, 2016 – 12am PST.

50% by popular fan vote, 50% by Judges | See 2017 Selections.
Winners will be voted by Judges, announced by our host.

Please remember to vote for your favorite fanfilms for nominations!




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