Recount: Vote For Best FanFilm

Due to technical difficulties, the votes are in need of a recount. Much of the selected films were built up with immense support from the filmmakers’ fans, friends, and family – all magnificent supporters, evident with the 2,600 votes accounted for. The difficulty in the matter though, is that some of those votes were transferred to different fanfilms, since some of the posts’ embed codes were misplaced in the wrong page. This occurred with merely three films, but the mistake was so appalling to the Judges that a complete recount on all the films were demanded immediately. We apologize for this mishap, and we ask for everyone to request for revotes from your supporters in your campaign to become the Best FanFilm for FanFilm Awards 2017.


Come and support these fantastic fanfilms in the largest Library in Pasadena – Pasadena Central Library – and vote for them before the night of announcing the Winners, at the Awards Ceremony on February 10, 2017.

Deadline for fan’s vote is February 9, 2017, 11:59pm, PST.


The Fan’s Votes are announced in the morning prior to the Awards Ceremony, accounting for 50% of the vote for final nominations. Judges Votes will be announced prior to the premiere of FanFilm Awards 2017, accounting for the other 50% of the votes. Nominees will be chosen according to popular demand – with only four Nominees per category. Vote now!


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