Fan’s Vote For The Best FanFilms!

FanFilm Awards would like to introduce it’s first preliminary campaign! With so many fanfilms in our 2017 festival, we’re inviting you, the fans, the entrants and all of their supporters, to vote each fanfilm in their best category, to be nominated in this year’s FanFilm Awards 2017!

But, we also understand that you may have yet seen these fanfilms. So, in order to make this accommodating for both the filmmakers and the fans, we’ll be openning the film festival event, from February 7-9, to the public for FREE!


Come and support these fantastic fanfilms in the largest Library in Pasadena – Pasadena Central Library – and vote for them before the night of announcing the Winners, at the Awards Ceremony on February 10, 2017.

Deadline for fan’s vote is February 9, 2017, 11:59pm, PST.


The Fan’s Votes are announced in the morning prior to the Awards Ceremony, accounting for 50% of the vote for final nominations. Judges Votes will be announced prior to the premiere of FanFilm Awards 2017, accounting for the other 50% of the votes. Nominees will be chosen according to popular demand – with only four Nominees per category. Vote now!


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