Thank You For Your Submissions!

Deadline has been met, and we have so many to select from that we may have to extend Preliminaries. But that only makes this endeavor much more fun. Inviting attendees to vote for their favorite fanfilms, it is our honor to announce the categories for your choice to reach the Semifinals:

  • Best Screenplay – category for best-written fanfilm, completely produced;
  • Best Actor – category for best male actor;
  • Best Actress – category for best female actress;
  • Best Director – category for best-directed fanfilm;
  • Best Cinematography – category for best cinematography;
  • Best Animation – category for best animation, including special effects and semi-animated fanfilms;
  • Best Script – category for best fanfiction, unproduced.

Attendees will have 50% of the vote for the FanFilm Awards: Preliminaries; with the Judges holding the other 50%. Subscribe today for updates. Please get register today to attend FanFilm Awards 2017!



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