Thanking Donors: Raymond Montemayor

It is our sincerest pleasure to thank Raymond Montemayor for his generous contribution to our cause! His immense help has boosted the quality of our charity to indie artists internationally, with his donation to Revive The FanFilm Awards – joining us in the Director’s Circle. We hope you can too, as our fundraiser is available on Razoo, to share and invite more charitable donors who have a passion to support artists who make these gorgeous films for the sake of the art.

Online fundraising for Revive The FanFilm AwardsRaymond is the founder of PixelPlex, a media studio in California. He has made an extra feat by sponsoring Azure Lorica with his services, and is also one of the winning filmmakers of the Fan Film Awards! He currently is touring with his films, debuting his work at film festivals across the state of California and then some. He’s a family man, and is a great fan of Star Wars and its community. Please check out his work at

Thank you again Raymond Montemayor! Your donation will aid us in helping filmmakers & screenwriters internationally with free marketing and showcasing. You honor us with your contributions.


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