Thanking Donors: Brian O’Flaherty

We’d like to thank our next Donor to Revive The FanFilm Awards: Brian O’Flaherty! His contribution has helped us get a little closer to our goal. Reaching it takes every dollar anyone can provide, and this charity goes a long way. When people have no experience, no connection, and no education to put a foot on the door, to enter the industry, where do they go? Yes, some may save their money and start their own production, but others may only have a script, and sometimes that can only go so far.

Online fundraising for Revive The FanFilm AwardsBrian O’Flaherty has made that leap though. Entering our festival for just a minor fee, he’s been able to win the FanFilm Awards, to have his full script be read a live theatre in Pasadena, CA. (He and five other Finalists were able to have a section of their script read at the awards ceremony, with an interview panel before a live audience.) His donation is humbles us, and we cannot thank him enough for it. Thanks to his generosity, other script writers will get the chance to enter the indie film industry – without discrimination of ethnicity, class, or background.
We urge you to consider making the same move. Donate today to Revive The FanFilm Awards!



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