Donate For FanFilm Awards’17

For the past two years, we have been serving amazing talents through our festival – from student films, to first time screenwriters – the FanFilm Awards have connected industries together under one roof, online, and across the globe. Musicians, Actors, Writers, and the Producers themselves have been able to return home with trophies and Azure Lorica’s one year of marketing support. Returning for 2017, we invite our readers, members, and filmmakers to join us in a crowdfunding campaign.


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Japanese American Cultural and Community Center

We have the prizes prepared, but the festival needs your help. We’re raising funds to host FanFilm Awards 2017 at the Little Tokyo Arts District. The festival will have vendors and live performances, screenings and panels, and the celebrated ceremony.

It’s helped many young and independent writers and filmmakers internationally continue their art, and connect with the community. It has brought culture to the youth and the boosted quality of life to the locals.

Below are the itemized expenses:

Venue Rental : $1200

Equipment Rental : $500

Permits & Insurance : $700

These are the minimum we need to pursue the festival, and we need you to help us build it together. Every dollar counts.

Azure Lorica Foundation manages on volunteers and donations alone. Make a difference and support independent artists with us!


2015 & 2016 FanFilm Award Winners:



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