Submit Your FanFilms Today!

Voted Top 100 Film Festival in FilmFreeway!

It’s that time of the year again, when we welcome new submissions for the next FanFilm Awards! We invite new and old fanfilms and fanscripts to be entered to our annual film and screenplay festival. From book adaptations to re-imagined films, the FanFilm Awards is calling for submissions from our local and international filmmakers out there.

DEADLINE: SEPT. 30, 2016

We accept fanfilm and fanscript submissions via FilmFreeway. Our rules are as follows:

1) Film must be a Fan Film, in reference to an original piece of creative media (such as, books, games, shows, and music). No original piece accepted.

submit_btn-image_lg-1x2) Films must be submitted digitally, available for download. No online streaming will be showcased during the festival.

3) Fan Films already published online are acceptable for submission.

4) We do not accept Pornography, but Artistic Nude is acceptable.

5) Screenplays must be in .pdf format. No page limit.


Nominated filmmakers and screenwriters obtain a Certification of Nomination for FanFilm Awards 2017 and will be screened and have a portion of their script read at the FanFilm Awards festival.

Winners w/ Awards: See More

Winners receive an award to take home, their work promoted through the Azure Lorica Foundation for one whole year. Winning Filmmakers will have their work screened at our festivals and private events, Winning Screenwriter will have their full script recorded on audio, and both will have their work promoted via blog and magazine.

Prizes are provided by Azure Lorica Foundation’s Committees: Read More

NOTE: FanFilm Awards does not provide monetary prizes.


DEADLINE: SEPT. 30, 2016

Please subscribe for updates on FanFilm Awards, and feel free to contact us anytime for questions and inquiries. We look forward to seeing you at FanFilm Awards 2017!


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