Exclusive Interview: Thomas Farr – Best Film of Fanfilm Awards 2016

We’d like to thank everyone for coming to the FanFilm Awards panel at Ninja-Con 2016. And to help everyone to the Aquaman fanfilm screened this year, here is the exclusive interview of the filmmaker himself: Thomas Farr.

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Introducing: Thomas Farr – the award winner of Best Film at the FanFilm Awards 2016.

We’re all begging to know: how did you recreate the 1970s film quality in Aquaman: in the cast of Angler?

My earliest memories of a childhood is getting out of bed and running to the television to watch the original Batman series on TV.  It was very campy and fun ( I actually still like the original series better than the new Batman movies). Growing up a child of the 70s, watching all the films and TV Shows of the time, they all seemed to be funny and campy with action.  CGI wasn’t really around.  So, I felt, let’s try and have the audience laugh with us and not at us.  I guess, Batman, Buck Rogers in the 25th century, The Six Million Dollar Man and Saturday Morning cartoons like Shazam were my inspiration.  I…

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