FanFilms: A Way of Life

Anybody who watches films, undoubtedly, has seen or been exposed to FanFilms. Although FanFilms have been in existence since films were invented—the first fan-based film being produced as early as 1926, based on the 1920’s series ‘Our Gang’—it has gained popularity on the web over recent years.


FanFilms are simply what the coalesced term states: They are video productions created by fans that follow a certain genre of films influenced by comic books, television programs, films and other mediums. With its fluidity to mold into any genre one’s heart desires, FanFilms can be comprised of a combination of various themes. They can also conjoin two separate iconic figures (e.g. superheroes and horror figures) and compose them into a single film. For example, the American Pop Art master Andy Warhol directed and produced a film entitled, Batman Dracula, where the full-length motion picture revolves around the caped crusader and the Transylvanian count who’s out for blood. Oftentimes campy, the films tend to provide homage to the originating subject and aim to follow the persona or theme of the initial protagonist, hero, villain,etc.

Needless to say, there have been countless FanFilms produced, and some of the adapted works are derived from popular films, which include: Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, among several other blockbuster hits. However, the films are not specifically influenced based on other films, where some FanFilms follow the thematic formula of comic book heroes, such as Batman, Spider-Man, or The Green Goblin (not a hero!), whereas, others reproduce video game stars, like Super Mario or Zelda.

Today FanFilms have drawn worldwide attention and are loved by nations around the globe. Our very own Azure Lorica just hosted a Press Night on behalf of the FanFilm Award Ceremony, and here is a list of this year’s winners:


Aquaman: The Cast of the Angler




Star Wars: A Toy Story


Andrew Chamber for The Detectives of Noir Town


Mannette Antill as Margo Lane, in The Shadow


Adam Purti as Dr. Watson, in Elemental (Mi Querido Watson)


Force-Full Imagination


Chuck Steinmann for The Shadow

BEST SCRIPT (non-film)

Brian O’Flaherty for Star Wars: The Redemption of Skywalker

When it comes to letting your imagination come to life, the possibilities are endless. And what better way to revive imagery than to present our most beloved fictional characters? Join us on our webpage,, to learn about upcoming events, read up on the latest FanFilm news, follow interviews with Fan Film stars, and learn more about the FanFilm culture. You may also visit the FanFilms webpage to get a recap of the 2016 winners, as well as see some of the highlights of the award ceremony. The FanFilm Award demonstrated a promising turnout and we look forward to hosting future ceremonies. We hope to see you at our next event!


2 thoughts on “FanFilms: A Way of Life

  1. I had never been exposed to Andy Warhol’s Batman Dracula. Wh would have thought that Warhol would have made a full-length movie Dracula being out for Batman’s blood. Learn something every day.

  2. It is interesting that so many of the fanfilms do indeed come from some of the most well known comics, video games and movie universes. Yet, I really enjoy every fan’s unique take on those worlds and on the characters.

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