Live Reading @ FanFilm Awards 2016

FanFix Hosted by Ms. California [read more]
Dear Screenwriters,

We’re proud to announce our roster for the world premiere of FanFix! The live reading showcase of the screenplay contest is finally here. Bringing to you for one momentous day at the FanFilm Awards 2016,  FanFix will breathe life to favored fictional characters, such as, Batman, Obiwan Kenobi, The Crow, and many more. Please hover each photo below to learn more about each Actor and Actress.

Visit our PROGRAM GUIDE for schedule of each live reading.

We congratulate all of our following Nominees for their amazing work, and are looking forward to seeing your scripts performed at this year’s FanFilm Awards:

American Horror Story: Unto Us A Child Is Born
by Kay Poiro

Crow Prophecy
by Jonathan Cook, Derrick Ferguson, & Brent Whiteside

South Park: The Melentock Pickle
by Ed Robinson & Charlie Smith

Star Wars: Scum and Villainy
by Dallas Burgess

Star Wars: The Redemption of Skywalker
by Brian O’Flaherty


registernowFanFix | Live Reading Event
Feb. 27 | Saturday | 7pm-9pm

FanFilm Awards 2016 | Feb. 27 | Saturday
660 S. Avenue St., Los Angeles, CA 90031
| $10 per session | $45 whole day pass

Congratulations. We can’t wait to see your Q&A panel, followed after each live reading, and your attendance at Press Night!


Eugene Cordell
Founder of FanFilm Awards



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