Final Nominations Announced!

We’ve all been waiting for this. From the Best of the Best, the FanFilm Awards has reviewed and pursued the better choices to win the grand prize!

Click here to see the Nominees for the FanFilm Awards 2016

To review, our winners will receive an award at the ceremony, full press coverage, and the marketing support of Azure Lorica Foundation, through it’s three main Committees – promoting your film and script to Agents and Producers, and our collected geek demographics:

bio (1)NINJA-CON advertises across California with its street team, promoting with flyers and give away items at other comic conventions and events, for not only it’s own annual convention event, but also programs Azure Lorica Foundation supports, including the award winners of the FanFilm Awards. Visit:

TRISKELE PRESS publishes independent press through its blogs and eMagazine. Award winners are interviewed, their work promoted, and circulate online and at local screenings. Visit:

DRIFT PLUME is our performing ensemble, theatrically showcasing scripts on every stage they step in. Award Winners are represented through their performance at Libraries and Studios – reaching out to Producers and Agents, and the art community we serve. Visit:

Azure Lorica Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 charity organization for the arts, serving LA County since 2010. For more information, visit us at

We thank everyone for participating in our competition, and we look forward to meeting you, the amazing filmmakers and screenwriters who continue the pursuit of your craft and art, in this grand independent industry we’ve all come to love. We are honored to have you at our festival. See you at the ceremony for FanFilm Awards 2016!


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