Smile For The Camera!


Attending the FanFilm Awards will be a first for many of us. From fanfiction on screen and on script, to the chances of having a Cosplayer sitting beside you, as you enjoy the show — the festival will be a unique experience indeed. Regularly, fanfilms are screened at conventions, where many other distractions are available for your regular convention goer. But the FanFilm Awards is different. We cater to the cinephiles, the film makers, and the community that want more to be with the film industry than your average comic book convention. We award, we celebrate, and we rival the quality of a film maker’s masterpiece with the honor they deserve.

Supporting us as Press are the following:

DATAFIST | Visit Site

With beautiful photography, and an explosive presence, Datafist is a one man army of raw talent – covering industries, such as, film, modeling, and videogames. His work with Cosplay photography has earned him his infamous title: Magik Fox.


Nerds dedicated to sharing their love for everything geek pop culture. Cosplaying is life, so some of us do it, and some of us film to share all your awesome cosplays to the world!

THE KOUNCIL | Visit Site

“You are one of us.” A press group covering reviews, interviews, and media for the community, as the community. The Kouncil’s work with coordinating videogame tournaments and press has given local community events a chance to earn their right in the spotlight.

To apply as Press, please visit:


One thought on “Smile For The Camera!

  1. Congrats on pulling together very good press partners. What a unique event to cover. You’re right: cosplayers sitting next to fanfilm makers next to fans of all these franchises. How exciting!

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