Updated Schedule

Dear Families,

We have heard your concerns, and how your wish your children can come safely, to enjoy the film festival with you. We love the idea, and have taken upon ourselves to recommend each film content safe for a certain age range. From innocent cartoons to gory slashers, we’ve maneuvered our schedule (below) for your entertainment experience. We hope to welcome everyone back for the evening’s Award Ceremony, as we cool down with teen content script readings, and an lovely introduction by our hosts Bonnie Gordon and Xander Jeanneret.


Eugene Cordell
FanFilmAwards, Founder



11:00AM Si Lunchai, & The Beach Boy Children
11:30AM The Cold Heart Children
12:00PM Aquaman in “The Cast of the Angler” Children
12:45PM Final Fantasy: Seek Revenge Children
1:15PM Force-Full Imagination Children
1:45PM Star Wars: A Toy Story Teens
2:15PM Knights of the Old Republic: Broken Souls Teens
2:45PM Star Wars Legends: Legacy of the Force Teens
3:30PM El Bosque Negro Teens
4:15PM The Shadow Teens
4:45PM Elemental, Moustache from the Moon, Horla Teens
5:00PM The Detectives of Noir Town Teens
5:30PM Knight Rider: Game of Pretend Teens
6:00PM Homage to Switzerland   Adults
6:15PM Halloween: The Rebirth of Michael  Adults
6:45PM Jason VS Michael  Adults
7:15PM American Horror Story: Unto Us A Child Is Born Adults
7:30PM Crow Prophecy Teens
7:45PM What Is Crime without Crime Alley [Batman] Teens
8:00PM South Park: The Melentock Pickle Teens
8:15PM Star Wars: Scum and Villainy Teens
8:30PM Star Wars: The Redemption of Skywalker Teens

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