Sin City: No Ordinary Love

Unique couldn’t begin describing what we saw with this fanfilm. From the effects, to the gestures. Nothing came so close to the original’s ambiance as this lovely piece of work. Watch as this contemporary noir-esque smash your heart to bits, as you follow Logan, in his solace journey to the dark world of shameless tragedies lead him to a femme fatale’s scheme of revenge.

register-now-buttonFrank Miller’s works have been an inspiration to all comic and graphic novel readers, and it’s a powerful movement to see it on the big screen. This version of the Sin City is a flattery to the movie, as the scenes are cut to accentuate what the fans missed and what the original movie left out.

19-frame3_No Ordinary Love (1)

Tuomas Hautamäki as Logan

Tuomas Hautamäki

Tuomas Hautamäki & Ann-Mari Hautamäki

Feb. 27, 2016 | 11am-11pm
660 S. Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031

19-poster_No Ordinary Love (1)


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