Selected: Star Wars Legends – Legacy of the Force

As the hype continues, the new Star Wars film has struck our hearts once again, and we couldn’t be anymore bigger fans than this year! For those who are interested in a little spoiler, we have a fanfilm submitted for our festival online and locally. Originally, there were the nine books. Later after, an extended universe was created, and hundreds of books have been published covering the extended universe George Lucas fans could not help but produce. With or without consent to be part of the canon of Star Wars officially, these stories have made impact with the fans, and are soon being brought to us by the fans!

register-now-buttonIn this fanfilm, the New Jedi Order has dispatched Jaina Solo to infiltrate the Galactic Alliance flagship. Her mission is to restore peace to the galaxy, and put an end to the reign of Darth Caedus, while at the same time attempting to prevent nanobots from spreading to everyone’s system, as they begin to infect virally. The film is filled with action and drama that we’ve all loved about the saga. Let this be a window for films to come, and may the force be with you.

2-frame1_STAR WARS LEGENDS- Legacy of the Force.jpg

Jaci Twiss  as Jaina Solo
Tye Nelson as Darth Caedus

Tye Nelson

Danny James

Andrew G. James, Danny James, and Matt Tucker


Feb. 27, 2016 | 11am-11pm
660 S. Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031



2-poster_STAR WARS LEGENDS- Legacy of the Force.jpg


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