Selected: Horla

When adapting a horror story, one thinks of movie gore or thrillers, but this one went so classic that only the author’s readers will know why people should prepare for what’s to come. Guy De Maupassant is a French short story writer from the glory days of Moulin Rouge, whose spine tingling endings have made society frighten itself to dread. His lingering eerieness makes anyone read his work fear the very people we know and love.

register-now-buttonHorla is a story of an aristocrat whose paranoia of losing control of his own body leads him to a life of horror and death. This film adaptation throws us into the man’s perspective, revealing the evil nature that lurks within. Catch Horla at the FanFilm Awards, and claim the right to have witnessed the classic monster we deserve.


Tristan Pelissier as Henri

Gabriel Galand



Feb. 27, 2016 | 11am-11pm
660 S. Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031

8-poster_Horla (1)


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