Selected: Aquaman In The Cast Of The Angler

This was the strangest fanfilm we have ever seen. The quality was so nostalgic it made us question if what we saw was an actual episode from the 1970’s show. The only problem was, there was no 1970’s live show of Aquaman. Perhaps an animated version of the Superfriends, but beyond that, nada! So, it was a treat to have this beautiful production find its way in our ballot.

register-now-buttonAquaman in the cast of Angler is a fanfilm adapted from the famous comic book superhero, Aquaman. For those who only know the dark fantasy he’s become today, Aquaman was once just a superhero that took down bad guys that harmed people on land and the sea. It was very simple: a bad guy did something wrong, and he took them down by being the typical American hero he was made to embody – with a little touch of sea salt and some fish friends. It was a fun read, especially if you were just flipping through the newspapers, but who does that nowadays, right? But trust us, this piece of work will throw you into the reasons why anyone would flip pages for Aquaman.


Gordon Goodman as Aquaman

Jeff Klein & Thomas Farr


Feb. 27, 2016 | 11am-11pm
660 S. Avenue 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031



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