Sympathy For Foreign FanFilms


Art by AliceXZ ( click for link )
Art by AliceXZ

With our submission page piling up with fanfilms, we’re excited to welcome the preselected films to the FanFilm Awards! But so many more are requesting to enter, and we heard about their issues with matching the US Dollar currency with the Peso, and odd political problems via email, that we’ve come to a better reason to waive the fee. Not that we care about your financial situation, or that your country is awkward, as you’ve mentioned in your letters. No. Forget such charity. You’re worth more than that. You’ve braved preproduction, until post-production. Why would we think you couldn’t afford the entry fees? So in all fairness, we want to give this wonderful opportunity to you, for the sole reason of just because – all because we like you. Yes, dear friends, you were nice enough to ask, and we find you friendly enough to be considered friends. And so, here it is:

waiver code: 78bc-1326-55c44953
for only a limited time: Aug. 28 – Sept. 14, 2015

And to make it fun, we’ve extended the late deadline to October 24. Please be considerate, and share the waiver code, as it is for everyone. Tweet it, share it, message it to friends and everyone – it is indiscriminant. Please take advantage, and join our film festival, dear friends! We love your work, and it would be a pity to not have your films be seen here in Los Angeles. For a only limited time – don’t miss it!



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