Introducing FanFix – The FanFiction Screenplay Contest

ISAlogoThe FanFilm Awards is now in ISA – International Screenwriter’s Association. Posting our very first screenplay contest is FanFix – Fan Fiction in script! The idea was brought to our attention when screenwriters began to tweet for film makers to collaborate, for their fan fiction, as potential film projects. We here at the Azure Lorica Foundation have film makers that are happy to build a community with us, and we want to extend the invitations to screenwriters.

Formally, we did not accept smut for our contest, but after enough discussion, we’ve come to agree that being redundant was nonsense. We have no need for closets, so bring on the skeletons! Give us comedy, give us drama, send us the real action in your words. Screenplays are meant to be read, and without a stage and actors, a satire or romance may never see the light of day. Luckily, we have all of that ready. With only one missing piece to the puzzle: you.

FanFix – Screenplay Contest. Submit now!

DEADLINE: August 28, 2015

 [ read contest rules & details ]


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