Details In The Vision: Benefits of the FanFilm Awards

We are growing day by day, and we want you to be part of this magnificent festival! We have the film makers, screenwriters, and actors joining us in this event – all that’s missing is you.

Azure Lorica Society

Support FanFilm Awards

DonateWe are the Azure Lorica Foundation, in need of your support. For the first time, we are creating the FanFilm Awards festival and ceremony. It is our intent to have screenplays read and films screened, allowing industry professionals to aid independent artists in one cultural event.

With your contribution, we’ll be able to give a proper presentation, with trophies and catering, a venue to host the event, and guest celebrities to support independent films. We’re doing our best to fund it from our own pockets, but we’re lacking time to gain proper funding for the production ourselves. Please help, and support a worthy cause for the art of film making.

Your Benefit as a Supporter

We need $5000, but all we’re asking from you is $1,300.

Below are the operations expense cost. We’ve already handled Photographers, Staff, and Guests of Honor. We are still managing our…

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