Help Us Fund Our Film Festival

The Azure Lorica Foundation is helping the FanFilm Awards gain momentum, as we’ve begun the crowdfunding campaign for our very first independent film festival. Originally a program in Ninja-Con, the FanFilm Awards served as an extension for the event. Now, with the demand of an entirely different audience, these screenwriters, film makers, and actors will have their limelight. With your donation, we’ll be able to produce our very own festival! Please read below, and help us make FanFilm Awards’ festival come true.

Azure Lorica Society

Making a difference takes love. The raw kind that builds character and family. In this case, we’re building a film family. Or to be clear: a film festival. Many of our community members that have returned as Patrons to Ninja-Con love film, and some are even film makers, screenwriters, and actors. Aficionados may seem easy to come by, as everyone jumps for the next Avengers movie, no matter how dissatisfied they say they are of the quality of expectations. But the independent film scene is too different from the 3D animated glitz and glam of Hollywood’s obese wallet. The independent will make films even on a shoe string budget, and put their heart and soul into it. They may never make profit, or break even at all, but they surely will find the funds to make another one. The problem that stems from this is how long can they keep…

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